Saby The Hero German Shepherd Saved A-90-Year-Old Lady Who Was Lost In The Forest 

Many police departments across the country rely on K9s as their search and rescue dogs. These animals play a vital role in helping law enforcers find missing people. In most cases, time is of the essence, so having the best possible dog is very important.


After an elderly woman went missing in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, the police department turned to Saby, a rescue dog to find her. Saby is trained to work with Officer Brock, who is part of the department’s Special Response Team.

Although Saby and his handler have only been working together for a couple of years, the German shepherd has become a highly regarded member of the department’s search and rescue unit.

The department was called in to help find Loudell Hubbard, who had dementia, after she went missing from her home. She had wandered away from her house and got lost in the woods.

Due to the time constraints, the rescuers had to quickly find the missing woman. Saby was brought in to help them find Hubbard, who was found in a creek bed.

She had fallen and couldn’t get up. She made the best of her situation by using her purse as a pillow to rest and wait for help.


Saby’s quick actions and skills helped the rescuers find Hubbard and save her life. According to Officer Brock, the department would not have been able to accomplish the same task without the help of the dog.

After making their way toward Hubbard, the rescuers came across a woman who was lying face down in a creek. They were relieved to find out that she was still alive.

The woman, who was identified as Hubbard, had raised her head when the rescuers reached her. Officer Richard Wright, one of the rescuers, said that he was hoping that someone would look for her.

Many of Hubbard’s neighbors had also been hoping that she would be found soon after she went missing. When they heard about her recovery, they were relieved and happy.

Hubbard was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment after she was found. She was rescued by officers Saby and Brock, as well as other rescuers.

The people around Hubbard were also grateful for the actions of the rescuers. They were able to bring tears to their eyes when they saw that she was still alive. Saby, a K9 unit, and the other rescuers then took her to a nearby hospital so she could begin her recovery.

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