5 Life Lessons To Learn From Nova The GSD And Pacco The Ferret

Getting inspired doesn’t always have to be from some kind of an influencer, a celebrity or a crush. 

These two animals have shown us that unusual animal friendships are a perfect proof that there are no criteria for this whatsoever. 

Nova the German Shepherd and Pacco the ferret have been crazy about each other since day one. Their owner, Diana Grib, said they’re living together as if they don’t know they’re different. And these are the 5 friendship and life lessons inspired from Nova and Pacco.

  1. Love has no boundaries

This is the story of a beautiful friendship between a dog and a ferret. Usually, ferrets don’t get along that well with large dogs because they’re too scared of them and are wary of canines, but this isn’t the case with Pacco, who has been in love with Nova since the day they met.

  1. Embrace the differences and enjoy the similarities  

While obviously , both animals ‘ nature is completely different, Nova and Pacco have some similarities, too. 

They’re both curious, playful and brave. Their matching personalities and the fact that they both met other animals when they were growing up are probably the main reasons why they get along so nicely. When they first met, Pacco was taking a tour of the new home while Nova was following her new friend like a shadow. After a few days, Pacco started paying attention to her and the fun started.

  1. Mutual Activities create the bond

Creating an activity routine or a hobby with your beloved one could make such a huge difference in your relationship. 

The two frequently go on walks outside of their home in Vilnius, Lithuania, with both of them being equally curious to explore the great outdoors. However, the favorite hobby of the bunch is still tug-o-war and playful fighting.

  1. Patience is the key 

Nova is an incredibly patient dog, the owner says, she doesn’t even flinch when Pacco plays a bit too rough with her. Ferrets have tougher skin than most mammals, so they usually play-bite harder than cats or dogs, which is an additional reason why they don’t always get along with other animals.

  1. Effort pays off

This seems like such an unlikely friendship but these two make it work. Diana said she first got   Nova – Karamba Laukinė Vilkauogė. From the moment she got her, the woman introduced her to all kinds of animals, including rats, cats, and parrots. Diana spent quite some time teaching her pup to get along with everyone. When Nova became an adult, Diana set out to get the other pet she was dreaming about. Contacting many ferret breeders, her main priority was to get one that knows how to be with dogs. Ultimately, her search took her to Krakow where she got Pacco.

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