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    German Shepherd Stuck On Top of A Toilet Block

    Emergency services have carried out an unusual rescue after a dog became stuck on top of a toilet block in Sydney. The German shepherd found itself trapped in the city’s CBD overnight. It is not clear how the dog came to be on the roof and the owner also became trapped on the roof while attempting to […] More

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    Atlas Was Saved From Euthanasia And Now is Back Again In Shelter

    The 9-yesr-old Atlas lost his home when his owner became ill and could no longer provide shelter for him. He was taken to Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, where everyone loves him. He’s big white German Shepherd, but he’s just a gentle giant. His owner saved him from euthanasia at a shelter, and now Atlas […] More

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    Young German Shepherds Dumped At Park

    The poor Truffle was given a name by the staff of RSPCA after he and his sibling were left inside a box by the cricket pitch at Ilford’s Seven Kings Park. The two puppies were only five weeks old when they were found. Philip Heyes, an inspector of RSPCA , was called to the scene […] More

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    Video: Commander Enjoys Exploring The White House

    US President Joe Biden’s new German Shepherd Commander is all grown up and getting all the attention. A recent video going viral on social media shows the dog cheerfully frolicking around the White House. Commander was adopted by the Biden family in December 2021 after they gave away the other German Shepherd Major. He can […] More

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    Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill To Provide Care For Retired K-9s

    FLAGLER County, Fla. — Retired law enforcement K-9s in Florida will have access to more care as they live out the rest of their days out of service. On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 226, which created a program that provides financial and medical assistance to retired law enforcement K-9s. The new law […] More