Young German Shepherds Dumped At Park

The poor Truffle was given a name by the staff of RSPCA after he and his sibling were left inside a box by the cricket pitch at Ilford’s Seven Kings Park.

The two puppies were only five weeks old when they were found.

Credits: RSPCA

Philip Heyes, an inspector of RSPCA , was called to the scene to collect the two puppy. They were found by a passing motorist in a hedge. He said the animal was in a cardboard box that had been left behind by the cricket pitch.

The two animals were very sick and weak when they were found. Philip contacted RSPCA to check on the animals, but the second puppy had already died.

Truffle remains in RSPCA care, where he’ll stay until he is better.

‘When I went to collect them, the male was collapsed on top of his dead sibling; it was heartbreaking.

Philip is now investigating who is responsible for abandoning poor dogs and leaving them in such poor health.

Source: Ilfordrecordernews

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