Baby Elephant Rejected By Herd Receives The Best Possible Care From Duma His GSD Companion

At just a few hours old, the domesticated elephant named Ellie was rejected by his herd. He had little chance of surviving.

Fortunately, staff members at an animal sanctuary in South Africa were able to provide 24-hour care for the domesticated elephant.

Credit: YouTube – Earth Touch

After he was found in poor condition in September, he was taken to an animal sanctuary.

The sanctuary’s staff members and Karen Trendler, the founder of the organization, took great care of the animal.

Karen Trendler -Rehabilitation & crisis response expert

Although the staff members were able to nurse the animal back to health, he was still lonely. Elephants are known to be social animals.

When the sanctuary’s former service dog, Duma, arrived, the animal started to get more interested in life again. According to Karen, the animal’s newfound interest in life was caused by the sudden change in its surroundings.

The animal is now on the road to recovery.

Check Ellie’s full story!

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