German Shepherd Puppy Meets A Duckling For The First Time

It’s so much fun to make friends with a puppy, especially when they meet a duckling. The cute moments between the two animals are irresistible.

Rocky, a two-month-old German Shepherd, is having a great time hanging out with the duckling, who is swimming beside him. The duckling is obviously having a great time checking Rocky out.

Rocky is trying to get closer to the duckling by putting his paw in the pool, but he’s not ready to take the plunge yet. Suddenly, four tiny paws appear in the water, and the duck quacks at the puppy.

Rocky is so cute sniffing the duck, and the duck seems to have decided that Rocky is a friend. The two animals are getting so close that the duck seems to be relaxing.

The two animals are so cute and will make great memories together.

Credits: Rocky YouTube Channel

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