Abandoned German Shepherd Born Without Back Paws Gets Another Chance

A dog with no rear legs is learning how to walk using prosthetic limbs. He was born with the condition one year ago.

According to Dr. Marta Sanchez-Emden, a veterinarian at the Animal Health and Rehabilitation Center in South Miami, the dog was found in Coconut Grove. He was born with incomplete hind legs.

The dog, named Ryder, was rescued in April last year by a local animal rescue group. They then worked with the rehabilitation center to provide him with artificial legs.

The goal of the rehabilitation center’s team is to teach the dog how to walk properly using his prosthetic limbs. According to Dr. Sanchez-Emden, the dog used to walk like a kangaroo with his stumps jumping at the same time.

Meanwhile, Sofia Valverde, who runs Picolini’s Animal Rescue, said Ryder built up his strength with water therapy.

Before he could run, the dog had to lie down to prevent his legs from hurting. He also enjoys playing with water therapy, as it helps strengthen his back.

According to her, the dog is just like any other one-year-old dog. He enjoys playing with toys and enjoys being with his rescuers.

She said the dog is full of life and enjoys being with his rescuers. He also enjoys walking on his prosthetic legs. He never thought he was different from his German shepherd siblings.

Credits: YouTube – WPLG 10

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