Understand The Body Language Of Your German Shepherd

Every animal is capable of displaying their emotions through either vocalization, body language, or both.

Many animals will use both sound and body language to let each other know how they are feeling.

Birds and cats will use their vocalizations and feathers to let other animals know how they feel. Cats also like to “feh” up their fur.

German Shepherds and dogs are the same when it comes to displaying their emotions. While they may bark, they may also use body language to communicate.

Like humans, dogs and cats also use their bodies to express their feelings and emotions. If they are feeling sad, they will often “look sad.”

Think about how you relate a dog wagging their tail to excitement or happiness.

While a good old tail wag may indicate that a dog is feeling happy or exciteD, other emotions are also possible. For instance, German Shepherd dogs may use subtle cues to let you know how they are feeling.

Although the eyes are not considered a literal representation of the soul, they are capable of displaying various emotions in German Shepherds.

Watch the video to know all about their body language.

Credits: Anything German Shepherd

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