Paralyzed Dog Goes For One Last ‘Walk’ By His True Love ,The Sea

Our pets are our family, and therefore we make every effort to provide them with as much comfort as possible, especially when their days are drawing to a close.

Gianna Serena Manfredi, a volunteer from the canine rescue organization “Qua la zampa,” wanted to provide a wonderful last moment to Heart, a very precious German Shepherd who has been paralyzed for a lot of her life.

German Shepherds frequently run the danger of developing paralyzed rear legs due to disorders affecting their spine and hips.

Degenerative myelopathy can entirely impair the ability of the dog’s hind limbs to operate.

Heart, a sweet canine with compassionate eyes who had been left behind by his owners following a move, unfortunately, met the same sad end.

The illness did not allow him to live for very long; shortly after, the remainder of his body gradually became entirely paralyzed, even his front legs.

He did, though spend an entire year in the shelter receiving love and attention from the volunteers.

Gianna Serena Manfredi wanted to provide her beloved dog with one more peaceful and tranquil moment in front of the sea, “I wanted to make him feel loved.”

Thanks to a mobile bed created especially for this situation, she took him for a stroll along the seaside.

And therefore, Heart’s last moments were spent in a place he loved, breathing in the sea air.

“It was a really calm and happy moment for Heart. For a few hours he was able to forget the pain he suffered because of those who didn’t love him, or because of the fact that he could no longer run like other dogs and that he was imprisoned in his own body. “

“I gave him fresh water so that he could enjoy the smell of freedom”, said Gianna, clearly moved by the moment.

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