A German Shepherd Puppy Attacked By His Own Mother Left him Without A Home

Their loyalty of furry friend is yours forever, even when you abandon them. That is why we don’t deserve them.

This poor little dog never really got the chance to have unconditional forever love. Until now!

The story of tis dog begins when he was attacked by his mother at only 13 days old. The attack almost proved to be fatal, but instead it left him partially blind and with a disfigured face.

Credit: bestboybrodie

Before Brodie found his forever home, he was once adopted by another person. Unfortunately things didn’t work out, as the former owner couldn’t keep up with his endless energy. Boodie is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix.

So, he was put up for adoption at the Old MacDonald Shelter in Alberta, Canada.

Then came Amanda Richter and her boyfriend, Brad Ames.

Once their eyes met Brodie’s, they embraced him with open arms.

In fact they adopted him on the spot. They didn’t think twice about his disfigured face, they chose to only see his heart, and finally he found his forever home full of unconditional love.

Source: Pupperish

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