Heartbreaking Tale Of A German Shepherd Puppy Abused

When a passerby spotted an 8-month-old German Shepherd dog wearing tape around her mouth and legs, she immediately ran to the Denver Animal Shelter. The shelter’s staff members tried to remove the tape before the animal could be rescued. The dog, named Dahlia, was healthy and had no signs of abuse.

According to the shelter’s representative, the dog initially appeared scared, but she soon became social with the staff and volunteers. She also enjoys playing with her toys and getting exercise.

“That’s like tying a human being up and forcing it beyond its will,” commented one of the people who helped rescue the dog. That’s exactly right. If you wouldn’t do this to a human being, why would you do it to a helpless animal?

This is the third case of a dog being found with its mouth taped shut. The other two were a puppy named Otis and Caitlyn. The sad news about this growing trend is that it’s becoming more common, and the person responsible for this cruelty should be apprehended soon.

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Source: The dodo

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