Special Chair For A German Shepherd Born Different

The staff of the New Jersey-based animal rescue known as the “Funny Farm” has a rotating cast of personalities. One of these is the dog known as “Farley,” who is a manager of the and likes to take care of baby animals. Also, there’s Ricky, a partially-atypical peacock who used to be paralyzed, but he managed to get back on his feet and walk with his wife, Lucy. Finally, there’s Chuck, Chuck is a German shepherd and acting “director of security” at the rescue, according to Laurie Zaleski, founder of Funny Farm.

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Zaleski and Chuck | LAURIE ZALESKI

To the casual observer, Chuck appears to be just like any other dog but, when it comes to eating, Chuck has to sit in a high chair to properly digest his food and if he sits in a another position , he would probably vomit.

Source: The dodo – Chuck and Farley, who are good friends | LAURIE ZALESKI

A condition known as megaesophagus is a common problem in dogs and cats. It involves the animal’s esophagus becoming too large, which prevents it from properly contracting its muscles to allow food and liquids to flow into its stomach.

When Zaleski learned that Chuck has this condition, her friend thought about taking him to a shelter. However, she knew that he would be euthanized if he went to a shelter. She also knew that finding a home for him would be difficult due to his special needs. In March 2013, she decided to adopt Chuck.

Source: The dodo – LAURIE ZALESKI

According to Zaleski, Chuck was the worst case of megaesophagus that veterinarians had ever seen. They suggested that the animal be given a feeding tube. However, she refused to allow this condition to affect his life.

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“I researched how he was going to be able to eat and I got a child’s car seat from a friend,” Zaleski said. “He quickly learned to jump in the car seat and eat upright at 3 months old.” Sitting in an upright position while eating allows gravity to gradually pull food into Chuck’s stomach.

Chuck, who turned three years old in August, is now a happy and healthy dog. He’s used to using a Bailey chair, which is a type of chair commonly used by dogs with megaesophagus.

Source: The dodo – LAURIE ZALESKI

When he’s not eating in his chair, Chuck is completely normal. He enjoys playing fetch, swimming, and chasing the horses.

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