Woman Won’t Give Up On Sick Shelter Mixed German Shepherd Dog Who Was Abused For 6 Years

“I’m so in love with her,” she said. “I’ve rescued thousands of dogs, but this dog has changed my life. She is the most forgiving, sweetest dog. All she wants to do is love and be loved.”

One of the first things Shira Astrof did for the dog was change her name. She started calling her Ruby.


According to Astrof, a volunteer for LA’s Care Rescue LA, the organization that saved Ruby, she has a new name and is not using her old one anymore. She said that they wanted to give her a new start.

Ruby was seized from her owner in July in West Valley, LA, after years of suffering under her former owner’s abusive treatment. The mistreatment left her with various injuries, and traumas.


She was originally a healthy German shepherd mix when she was 10 months old. However, six years later, she was returned to her owner after the police found her malnourished and unfit. The 40-pound dog couldn’t use her hind legs.

Although she doesn’t know the exact details of the case against her former owner, Astrof knows that Ruby endured a lot of suffering.

According to Astrof, the former owner locked Ruby in a crate for six years, which severely affected her back legs. She also claims that the dog was abused.

Ruby’s situation at the shelter improved gradually, but her situation still wasn’t good. She was initially placed in a separate room as authorities investigated her former owner.

“She got so depressed in there, they thought she was going to die,” Astrof said. “She didn’t want to eat or anything.”

Luckily, Astrof stepped in and helped. After seeing a video of Ruby at the shelter, Astrof reached out to the shelter staff and police and made an arrangement with them — if they agreed to let Astrof take Ruby home, she’d continue helping them gather evidence, sending them medical records and photographic updates of Ruby as needed.

Ruby after being rescued by police this past July | SHIRA ASTROF

Ruby transformed when she left the shelter, according to Astrof.

Ruby was very different from the other animals in the shelter, which was surprising since she had been through so much abuse. According to Astrof, she thought the dog would be withdrawn and timid,but Ruby actually liked peopel.

“She doesn’t have any fear toward others,” Astrof said. “Her tail immediately starts wagging when any new person or any animal enters the room. She loves dogs, she loves cats, she loves everyone. It’s such a testament of how dogs are different than people. It’s like she knows she’s been rescued and she’s been saved now.”


“Even if she’s in severe pain, she will not go to the bathroom inside of the house, no matter what — she’s scared to,” Astrof said. “If she’s not carried outside, she will hold it and it’s definitely a fear-driven thing. Her abuser probably instilled that in her.”

To help Ruby get better, Astrof and her friend Maria (who is currently fostering Ruby) take her to get regular acupuncture treatments, massages and aqua therapy sessions.


Ruby is also going to the veterinarian every other day to get checked out. According to Astrof, the dog’s condition is getting better.


Ruby enjoys going to the dog park, and Astrof is helping her get used to the different activities that she can participate in.

Source : The Dodo

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