To Comfort His Sick German Shepherd Friend, A Little Shelter Dog Lies On Top Of Him

Despite their different breeds and sizes, Jefe and Jericho are an inseparable pair. Even though the two are not exactly the same dog, they are still very close.


The two dogs were surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical technicians by their former owner. Their relationship was strong, but one of the animals was sick.

According to Ashliegh Goebel, the shelter’s operations manager, the two animals were immediately identified as being close friends. When the paramedics arrived at the scene, they were shocked to see the sick German shepherd and the small dog resting on top of one another.


As the rescuers tried to treat the injured dog, Jefe grew agitated. He then went to the shelter’s trauma center with his sick companion. It was clear that the two would have to be adopted together.

Although their condition has improved, Jefe will still need to take medication for valley fever on a regular basis to stay active and healthy Jefe has been by his BFF’s side throughout his rehab.


The Humane Society is hoping to find Jericho and Jefe a loving home now that he is getting well.

Who could possibly force these two apart, after all?.
Source: Daily Animal news

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