Tinsley The New “Real-Life Lassie” Leads Police To A Miracle

Although dogs are known to be man’s best friend, there are also many heroes out there. They are often the ones who protect their people and keep people safe. There are a lot of stories about these animals risking their lives to save others.

Trooper Sanberg of the New Hampshire State Police was called to respond to a report of a loose dog.

Upon reaching the Veterans Memorial Bridge, he saw a dog. He initially thought it was just a lost dog, but he decided to approach it.

However, the dog started running northbound on Interstate 89.

The trooper decided to follow the dog. And to their surprise, they found a severely damaged pickup truck.

After seeing the truck, the officers found the two occupants. They were severely injured and had been ejected from the vehicle. The officers immediately called for medical assistance.

After conducting an investigation, the officers learned that the dog was a German Shepherd named Tinsley. It belonged to one of the victims of the crash.

It appeared that the dog went out to call for help. It was an action that helped save lives. If it wasn’t for him, the two could have died at the crash site.

Tinsley isn’t the first dog to be hailed as a hero for saving human lives.

Source: NBC 5

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