The Extreme Transformation of A Sick German Shepherd Dog

A sick and fearful dog and his sister were brought to a shelter in Texas, where they were rescued. Their caretakers were so dedicated to their rescue that they were able to transform the dog into a beautiful canine.


A ill and fearful dog and his sister arrived at an animal shelter in Texas with no hope of survival, but because to their devotion, he was able to change into a beautiful canine.

The four-month-old German Shepherd mix was quite underweight when he arrived at the shelter, with sections of his hair gone, and he didn’t want anyone approaching him.

Despite his condition, the rescue team of the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue believed that the dog and his sister, who were named Roxanne, had a lot of promise. They decided to provide them with the necessary medical care, and they were hoping to find them a new home in Virginia.


Before they were sent to their new home, the two dogs went to the veterinarian for a routine check-up. During the examination, the veterinarian discovered that Blue was infected with parvovirus, which attacks the intestines of dogs.

“He was clearly really unwell at one point, and we weren’t sure he’d make it.”


Despite the fact that Roxanne had shared a kennel with her brother, she had escaped infection and was sent to Virginia.

When she was finally settled in her new home, she received the attention and care she needed. On the other hand, Blue had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks, but he eventually recovered and was allowed to be moved.

Julia Downer, an animal lover and foster volunteer, learned about the puppy and offered to provide him with a foster home right away.

Julia expressed herself as follows:


«Her attractive features drew me in. I asked them to let me raise Blue because Roxanne already had a home.

The woman’s request was approved by the shelter, but when Blue arrived to her new home, she knew it would be difficult.

According to a volunteer, the dog was completely closed, and he didn’t want to be around people or other animals. He spent most of his day in a corner of the house.


The volunteer said that the dog had found a space in the front of the dishwasher. If I tried to approach him, he would run around until I was gone, and then back to his location and look at me. It was very frightening to watch this creature.

The woman had two other dogs at home, her personal Simba and a foster dog named Koda, both of which appeared to be eager to assist Blue. They gradually assisted Blue in emerging from her shell and gaining confidence, and she began to explore the home more and play with a ball.

Source : Daily Animals News

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