The Bird German Shepherd Kai

We used to get used to dogs doing crazy things, but they never cease to amaze us. 

Kai, a German shepherd, was born with the idea that he was destined to be a bird.

Like his bird friends, Kai liked to bathe in the backyard birdbath of his parents.


Kai enjoys being in the birdbath all day long. And when you think that his family has a pool, think again.

At first, Kai would happily stand on his hind legs while drinking water from the birdbath. However, after seeing the birds use the water to cool down, he decided that it was time to go back to the pool.

Even when he was a puppy, Kai was still fascinated by the birdbath. When he was big enough, he would happily climb the birdbath and drink water from it. He also doesn’t want to leave it.

Although he’s an intelligent dog, Kai has a dark side. According to his mother, Kai is a bit of a prankster. He enjoys playing with his bird friends more than the one he’s usually associated with. He also enjoys playing with his little ducklings.

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