Police Detail Video Of Macomb County Veterinarian Caught Abusing German Shepherd

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office said they responded to a home on 29 Mile Road on Oct. 12 for an animal abuse complaint.

That’s when deputies were told about a video posted on Youtube showing a 52-year-old man yelling at a German Shepherd and putting his hands on the dog.

Police said the video was taken by the man’s son. The video begins with the man in a bedroom with his wife and dog.

The man physically removes the dog from the bedroom by its collar, said police. The dog walks around the kitchen as the man continues to yell commands at the dog.

Source: Video shot: fox2detroit: A Macomb County veterinarian could face animal abuse charges after video shot by a family member shows him choking and beating his own dog.

Police said the man then grabs the dog and puts it back in a submissive position. He holds the dog by its neck moving it around the floor on its back, according to police.

Officials said the dog is screaming and whimpering during this. 

The man grabs the dog’s neck with both hands as he lowers his head to the dog’s head, said police. They said he appears to be squeezing the dog’s neck and possibly biting the neck of the dog.

Police said he then lifts the dog’s head, slamming it on the floor as he continues to yell at the dog. He then forcefully pushes the dog backward.

The dog walks around the kitchen and bedroom until it is let outside, said police.

Deputies tried to contact the man at the home, but was told he was working as a veterinarian at an animal care clinic in Shelby Township.

After several interviews, deputies learned the video was recorded on Oct. 9; three days prior to when the complaint was made.

Investigators said the German Shepherd is 5 years old and had gotten into a fight with another dog at the home; an 8-year-old Short Haired Pointer. The owner told officials that he disciplined the dog over the fight, but would never hurt his dog.

Officials said no visible injuries were observed on the dog, however, three dogs were removed from the home.

The investigation concluded on Oct. 13 and a warrant was received by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 18 for the man. The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office charged him with a misdemeanor of one count of animal cruelty to one animal.

The date of the man’s arraignment has not been determined.

All dogs are currently in the custody of Macomb County Animal Control and remain in good health, police said.

Animal abuse charges expected for Macomb County vet on camera beating German Shepherd WATCH IT


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