Mom Warned Dog To ‘Stay Away’ From The New Kitten, But The Dog Refuses To Listen

It’s always uplifting to see dogs defend their families. Many dogs go out of their way to ensure that their loved ones are never harmed. Dogs not only protect their human family members but also their animal siblings.

When a lady adopted a tiny kitten and brought him home, she was shocked to see her steadfast German Shepherd, Tennyson, turn into a devoted big brother. The dog even offered to instruct his tiny sibling on how to climb the stairs in order to please his human companion.

In this video, we see Tennyson watching over the kitten as he struggles to climb up the steps. Mom wants the kitten to acquire the ability to climb on his own, so she sternly orders Tennyson not to assist him.

Tennyson is unconvinced by his mother’s stair-training methods. He can clearly see how his sibling’s tiny legs are failing him. The kitten grows weary and appeals to his canine brother for assistance soon after.

By this point, the anxious Tennyson had enough of Mom’s commands and gently picked up the kitten in his mouth. He walked upstairs with the kitten like a doting cat mama and delicately placed him on the floor. The kitten seemed fairly relieved cuddling with Tennyson endearingly. 

We adore how Tennyson appears to be delighted with himself after “saving” his kitty sibling. He may have defied his mother, but Tennyson believes he did the proper thing. This is an excellent place to begin a lifelong friendship!

Source Credit: DailyPicksandFlicks via YouTube Video

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