Meet The 10-Year- old German Shepherd Sarge Who Loves To Care For Orphaned Fawns

People will always be grateful for the unique characteristics of dogs, such as their ability to be loyal and caring. Their big hearts are open to those in need.

Source: YouTube – Zoo Land

Our story here is about Sarge, a German Shepherd dog who has been very friendly and kind to all foster animals. But he especially sympathized with a fawn, who was the first orphaned deer adopted by Cheryl Stefan, his owner.

When he first met him, his warm feelings for the animal immediately grew. He was able to become his guardian.

Source: YouTube – Zoo Land

When the young deer was in need of a mother, the dog took on the role of its caretaker. Wherever the fawn went, the dog followed him, just to make sure that everything was all right.

Watch their heart-warming story!

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