Maverick The German Shepherd Decides To Go Swimming With Dolphins

A German Shepherd gets carried away by a group of dolphins and decides to join them in the water. Unfortunately, this is not the best decision for the dog. It immediately regrets it.

Credit: YouTube Channel – Brian Dunham

When Maverick, the German Shepherd dog, saw a flock of dolphins while he was fishing with his owner and a friend, he had never seen them before. This was the first time he had seen dolphins.

The friendly dog immediately fell in love with the dolphins. He was so carried away by their cheerful playing that he decided to join them.

Credit: YouTube Channel – Brian Dunham

Due to his curiosity, the dog decided to join the dolphins. Unfortunately, he immediately regretted his decision. Two men in the boat couldn’t help but laugh at poor Maverick. They shouted at him and stopped the boat.

Watch the funny moment!

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