Loyal Blind German Shepherd’s Best Friend Shows Her True Colors In A Supportive Moment

When Babs and Bart were found roaming the streets last year, Dallas Animal Services took them in. The shelter then realized that Babs had significant eye issues and needed special care. After the two German shepherds were taken in, Rescue Me stepped in to help.

When the animals were taken in, Babs was examined by a specialist, who told the staff that she has advanced glaucoma, which can cause her to have significant pain. They decided that the best course of action would be to remove her eyes altogether. 

Once she had recovered, she was placed in a foster home, but not the same one as her friend Bart. Babs suddenly became nervous and reserved, and at first, no one could figure out why. The rescue had no idea at that point just how bonded the pair was — until Babs decided to let them know.

Credit: Laura Cherry – The dodo

“When we first rescued them they went into separate foster homes and Babs totally shut down,” Laura Cherry, the pair’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “We decided to bring Bart over to see how she would react, and when he came, she was a totally different dog. It was obvious at that point they are a bonded pair and we have kept them together ever since.”

After Bart and Babs were finally able to get back together, Babs completely changed her behavior. She started to become playful and confident, and she quickly adapted to new environments. As long as Bart is around, there is no limit to what Babs can do.

Since Bart is so protective of Babs, he would be the only pet in their forever home. If they could only be adopted by a family that accepts them for who they are, their ideal day would involve going for a walk and cuddling up with a family that loves them.

The two German shepherds have been with the rescue for over a year now, and everyone at Rescue Me is hoping that they will find their forever home soon.

Source: The dodo – Daily Animal news

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