Little Rescue Rat Loves To Snuggle With His Giant German Shepherd Friend

Nuka is a gentle German shepherd who grew up in a house with several small animals. He has always been fascinated by all kinds of animals.

“Our vet said, when he was younger, that he was wise beyond his years … because he’s generally so placid and relaxed,” Nicole Yates, Nuka’s mom, told The Dodo.

In April, a local pet store was looking for homes for their animals that were affected by the COVID-19 shutdown. Nuka was very happy to help when a white and gray rat named Blue showed up.

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“There was this immediate clear connection between Blue and Nuka compared with my other rats,” Yates said. “It was more so Blue who seemed to adore Nuka! He loved snuggling into Nuka’s fur and if I put him down on the floor he would run to find Nuka.”

As a puppy, Nuka was trained to lie down whenever his mom brought in a small animal. He’s also allowed to play with his siblings once he gets used to being around them.

And despite his size, they’re never scared of their big brother.

“Blue is a very placid rat so he’s really happy just being with Nuka and laying there with him, either snuggled into his mane or at his belly,” Yates said. “Nuka likes to bathe Blue with licks, which Blue doesn’t seem to mind either.”

Source: The Dodo

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