Incredible Footage Of German Shepherds And Siberian Tigers Being Best Friends

The German Shepherd dogs, Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny, are known to be close friends with Suria, a big cat, and a new tiger cub named Sunny.

Suria and Sunny were born at the Siberian Tiger Sanctuary in Senec, Slovakia. This area is a protected region that breeds Siberian tigers.

The older tiger – Suria – has been inseparable from the dogs since she was first born two years ago.

The four-month-old cub, named Sunny, is following in Suria’s footsteps and developing a close relationship with the German Shepherd dogs.

While visiting the Oasis, Lucia Zustakova was able to capture some of the most amazing moments of the animals. She was joined by Martin Ziman, a volunteer at the sanctuary.

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Lucia, 29, said: “It is nice to see it all and it is so amazing when you are so near these beautiful animals.

“Suria plays with the dogs every day and they just love her.

“I love animals and love the oasis – it’s a great project to help these tigers that are facing extinction.”

The oasis is run by Yveta Irsova, who also owns the dogs. It opened in 1999 and houses 28 tigers, 23 of which were born there.

The goal of the sanctuary is to help save a small population of Siberian tigers and increase the genetic pool of critically endangered lions.

Martin said: “The dogs are almost same age as Suria and have grown up together. They Spend most of the time together.

Source : YouTube – Story

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