Heroic German Shepherd Shot Three Times Saving Teen Owner From Robbers

Rex is a German Shepherd who lives in Washington state. He saved a 16-year-old Javier, from a potential tragedy last week.

And for that, Rex is rightly being called a hero.

Credits: Susy Cadena – the dodo

Rex and Javier were home alone on Wednesday afternoon when two thieves broke in. Frightened, Javier then ran upstairs and hid in a bedroom closet while on the phone with police, as Q13 Fox News reports.

Rex, meanwhile, refused to back down.

According to the aunt of the Javier, who wrote about the attack online, the dog tried to confront the thieves, but he was attacked.

Credits: Susy Cadena – the dodo

As the thieves were attacking him, Rex went back to check on his master, who was still inside the closet. According to his aunt, the burglars then proceeded to the upstairs and destroyed the bedrooms. When the thieves tried to enter the room where Javier was hiding, Rex threw himself at them. He did this because he knew that Javier was in danger.

The thieves then shot at Rex, striking him at least three times. They then fled the scene, leaving Javier unharmed.

Credits: Susy Cadena – the dodo

After receiving the call, the authorities took Rex to the BluePearl Veterinary Clinic in the city of Renton. He was stabilized and would require surgery, which would have been expensive for the family. Hundreds of people then stepped in to help the family.

A couple of days after the incident, Cadena started a fundraising campaign on the website Go Fund Me to help pay for the veterinary bills for Rex. Over $60,000 was raised in just a few days.

On Friday, Rex underwent the surgery he needed to save his life. Fortunately, the surgery was a success.

Credits: Susy Cadena – the dodo

On Sunday, the clinic allowed Rex to be released. He was then taken back to his home, where his people will continue to support him as he continues his recovery.

Source: The Daily PhewThe dodo

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