German Shepherd With Odd Legs And A Snake Neck Finally Gets The Love He Deserves

If you’re a GSD owner, you probably already know how amazing they are. They are the most preferred human companion because they are smart, loyal, and compassionate.

They can fill your heart with happiness and love because they are always ready to cuddle. They also protect and keep us company whenever we are feeling down.

Credits: roo_and_his_friends_Instagram

Unfortunately, there are many dogs at shelters who are not happy enough to be adopted. They are often turned away due to people not wanting to adopt dogs that are too old, or disabled.

Roo, a German Shepherd puppy, was surrendered to the shelter because his family could not care for him due to his special needs. He was born with two deformed front legs and a long neck.

However, over a year ago, Roo finally found his new family!

The family that adopted Roo initially fostered him. When he was growing up, they noticed that he was getting faster and faster.

Credits: roo_and_his_friends_Instagram

“I decided to foster Roo to get him strong enough to be adopted,” said Ken, Roo’s foster dad.

He also added, “he’s playful, he’s goofy, he’s annoying. I think he’s gonna tell us a lot more as he develops.”

It’s hard to say goodbye to a dog, especially when they’re getting ready to go home. But it’s also rewarding to see them get to a place where they can settle in.

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