German Shepherd Puppy Found In Dumpster

Workers at a car wash in Florida heard strange sounds coming from a dumpster this week. They then notified their supervisor, who then went out and investigated.

Upon looking inside the dumpster, he came across a 5-month-old German Shepherd puppy named Carlile. His big brown eyes were staring back at him. His floppy ears were also tilted back as he cocked his head to look at the new face.

During the week, news spread on social media about Carlile’s story. It caught the attention of one Spring Hill family, who lost their own German Shepherd last year.

Pam Serio said she first learned of the story from FOX 13 on Thursday night and saw the young pup. Her night changed after that.

She went online to see if the shelter had added Carlile to its roster. After seeing the story, she went out of her bed and adopted the dog. She said she and her family lost their German Shepherd last year.

She went to the shelter at around midnight. She parked her car in front of the building so she could be the first person in line to adopt Carlile. She and her husband tried to adopt a German Shepherd three times before they were able to get one.

The puppy was taken to the shelter after he was found, and staff members discovered he had worms. He was then treated for his condition by the staff at the humane society. By Friday, he was ready to be adopted. He was also vaccinated and had his microchip.

The family adopted Carlile as soon as the facility opened. They then signed the paperwork, which officially made him their new German Shepherd. Carlile’s family is now considering changing his name to Bruce Wayne.

Source: FOX13 Tampa Bay

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