German Shepherd Mom Fascinated By Her Newborn Puppies

A video posted on social media showing a mother dog’s love for her puppy has gone viral. It shows how much she enjoys being around her puppies.

The video shows how much she cares about them.

Credit: YouTube – Rumble Viral

She can’t stop staring at her puppies.

One thing that distinguishes humans from other animals is language.

Despite the various kinds of interactions between animals, humans are capable of passing on knowledge to their offspring in more complex ways than other species.

In the video, mom continues to look at her little puppies. She is very intrigued by them.

Maybe all she knows is that she loves these puppies very much and wants to make sure they are safe.

The dog’s eyes widen whenever one of her puppies moves. She doesn’t want to leave them out of her sight for a minute.

Her duty is to protect them and keep them safe. And she knows it well.

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