German Shepherd Mix Puppy’s Fitting Reaction To An Ambulance Is So Cute We Can’t Stand It

He has quite the set of pipes!

Dogs are great at imitating sounds and behaviors from those around them. It’s especially common for puppies to do this because it’s one of the ways they learn to navigate the world around them. One puppy decided to take howling lessons from an unlikely teacher by imitating a sound in this viral video.

TikTok user @babyboybowie recently shared a video of her German Shepherd mix puppy, Bowie, sitting on the balcony of their apartment. As an ambulance rolled past with the siren on, this dog had the cutest reaction! Check out the video to see what Bowie did in response to the ambulance.

Credit : babyboybowie – TikTok

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Credit: CTV News- Rachel Brennan

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