German Shepherd Leads Alaskan State Trooper To His Burning Home

After getting a call for help, Alaska State trooper Tim Shanigan was on his way to the rural back roads of the state when he came across a German shepherd that led him to the flames.

The story of Buddy begins one cold night when he saw his owner, Ben Heinrichs, working on his truck inside their garage. Suddenly, a spark hit some gasoline and caused the garage and Ben’s clothes to ignite.

Ben immediately ran outside to put out the fire, and he closed the garage door to stop it from spreading. As he rolled around in the snow, he saw Buddy still inside. He then opened the garage door, causing the dog to get burns on his hands and face. Although Buddy was unhurt, he ran off into the darkness.

Heinrichs said, “I said we need to get help, and he just took off.”

The fire department was then called, and a state trooper was dispatched to Ben’s home, which is in a rural area about 55 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska. Unfortunately, his GPS had frozen, and he was lost. He was relying on dispatch to guide him to the fire.

As the trooper drove, he was about to take a wrong turn when suddenly Buddy appeared out of the shadows and began leading the trooper to his house. Trooper Shanigan said:

“He wasn’t running from me, but was leading me. “I just felt like I was being led ,it’s just one of those things that we’re thinking on the same page for that brief moment.”

Buddy, a rescue dog, was able to help his owner get to safety after the fire started. He also saved the family’s home from the flames.

“He’s my hero,” owner Ben Heinrichs said, his voice breaking. “If it wasn’t for him, we would have lost our house.”

To show their appreciation for his actions, the troopers presented Buddy with a special bowl made of stainless steel engraved with words that recognize his diligence and assistance.

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