Dumped German Shepherd Puppy With “Swimmers Syndrome” Gets A New Chance

When a puppy was dumped in a cardboard box, it was just the beginning of a long series of struggles that he would face.

A woman came across an empty beer box with a puppy inside. As she held the dog, she immediately knew something wasn’t right.

The woman took the puppy to a local shelter, where they discovered that the dog couldn’t stand on its own. Animal control thought that the animal might have internal organ damage. They suggested euthanasia.

Source: The Dodo

After seeing the needle in the shelter staff’s hand, the executive director of the organization decided to take the dog for a second opinion. He said that he saw a spark of life in the animal.

The staff then took the dog to the veterinarian, where they discovered that the animal had a condition known as swimming syndrome. Although it can be a challenge to work with, it can also be treated.

The family immediately fell in love with the puppy, which they named Starfish. Their foster, Maggie, worked incredibly hard to help the dog with her physical therapy. Even though Starfish could not walk, the family was committed to giving her the best possible life.

The family would regularly train Starfish in order to improve her agility and physical therapy. She also participated in various water therapy and obstacle course training sessions. Starfish showed no signs of giving up on her goals and kept pushing herself.

Over and over, week after week, Starfish tried to walk until one day she took her first wobbly steps across the yard all by herself. From there, she continued to improve with Maggie by her side.

Starfish was a healthy puppy one year later. She is now a vibrant and happy dog who can run and walk. She has become a part of the family’s home.

Thanks to the Executive Director, John, for seeing something special in Starfish and giving her a chance at life. And, to her foster family for loving and caring for her so much. It’s amazing what can happen when no one gives up.

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