Basic German Shepherd Grooming Tips

The German shepherds are known for their special qualities. They’re also very smart and courageous, and they have a reputation for being incredibly loyal and caring. According to the American Kennel Club, they’re the #2 most popular dog breed in the country.

They’re also very soft and fluffy, which makes them ideal for a snuggle. However, they have a medium-length double coat that can be a bit intimidating for some.

To help you with this issue, here are some general grooming tips for this breed.

Basic Grooming Advice

Advice 1: Brush frequently

One of the most important steps in maintaining a German shepherd’s coat is to regularly brush it. This breed has a soft undercoat and thick outer coat, so every couple of days, do it. Aside from regular grooming, you should also consider using de-shedding tools and brushes for their hair length.

Work out tangles and mats carefully with your tools and detangler spray. A metal grooming comb works well here, but you may prefer a slicker brush or other tool. In any case, spray a little detangler spray directly on your chosen tool, then gently work it through the tangle or mat. If you simply cannot work through the tangle or mat, snip it out carefully with grooming shears.

Advice 2: Bathe Once a Month

You should bathe your German Shepherd about once a month. However, overdoing it can cause your pet to have dry, sensitive skin.

Advice 3: Trim nails once a month.

Take some time every month to trim their nails. Though they’ll sometimes wear down on their own, keep checking to make sure they’re not getting long and uncomfortable for your buddy.

Advice 4: Clean ears regularly, never use water!

You should also regularly clean the ears of your German Shepherd. They should be given ear-drops to prevent them from developing infections.

Advice 5: Brush your GSD’s teeth everyday.

Choose a dog toothbrush and a dog toothpaste in a flavor your GSD enjoys. Allow your dog to lick some of the tasty toothpaste off of the brush, then brush its teeth in small circles. Lift the dog’s lips to access the rear teeth.

  • Human toothpaste might make your GSD sick, so use only doggie toothpaste.
  • Ask your vet about offering your GSD dental treats. Don’t use these as a substitute for regular brushing, however.

Advice 6: Don’t shave your German Shepherd coat.

While discussing grooming tips for this breed, it’s essential to emphasize that shaving your German shepherd is definitely not recommended.

Their double-coat works together to keep your dog comfortable—cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The folks at German Shepherd Corner also tell us that, “The outer guard hairs, and fends off water, dirt and insect bites. Removing all of those protective barriers provided by the fur.

And Buy a quality vacuum cleaner. We’re not going to sugar coat things, there will be hair everywhere so you may as well be prepared.

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