Abandoned Senior German Shepherd Finds A New Home Under A Vehicle

You’ll hear us talk about the value of the commitment that comes with owning a pet on a regular basis. Having a dog or cat in the house is an act of love that never goes out of style.

We also talk about the importance of following proper procedures when it comes to abandoning a pet. There are times when people have no other options.

Credit- Hope for paws

It’s also important to remember that children do not deserve to be left alone. They are exposed to so many hazards.

It is not an option to abandon your family and pets on the streets. This is a cruel and irresponsible act that can affect the lives of many people.

In this episode, we will talk about an elderly dog that was left on the streets after his family refused to adopt him.

Because this aged and abandoned German Shepherd had nowhere else to go, he took refuge beneath a vehicle.

Credit- Hope for paws

Upon reaching the location where the dog was found, the Hope For Paws volunteers came across this frightened and hiding creature.

They quickly learned that the animal was actually a dog with a worried expression and a charming appearance.

The dog was shivering and appeared to be hungry. Her eyes showed that she was also seeking attention and affection.

The volunteers, Lisa Arturo and Eldad Hagar, immediately knew what they had to do to help this dog. They prepared a delicious hamburger for the canine to tempt her.

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