Abandoned German Shepherd Puppies Rescued From Storm Drain in Nashville

According to the Nashville Humane Society, a worker was going through the shelter when she noticed that there were bowls near the fence. Upon entering, she saw a German shepherd dog protecting its puppy siblings.

After calling the animal control department, they were able to catch the mother dog and one of its two siblings inside the fence. However, the other two were still inside the storm drain.

Laura Baker, Director of Nashville Humane Association was one of the people to put on a hazmat suit and enter the sewer.

While they were inside the sewer, Baker said that the dogs were very scared. They had to work together to get them out of the drain. After they were out of the culvert, they were brought back to the shelter and given a veterinary evaluation.

The adult dog seems to be in good health, but all three of her puppies are in bad shape.

According to Baker, the three dogs are in poor condition and have blistery and cracked skin. They will be given a couple of weeks for some TLC to get their condition back to normal.

According to Baker, most owners who abandon their pets are usually experiencing hard times. They just don’t want to ask for help. The MACC and the Nashville Humane Association will often take in these types of animals as a last resort. However, there are various resources that people can use to help keep their pets.


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