A White German Shepherd Cuddles A Pygmy Goat As If She Were Her Own

When a dog gets a puppy, it usually kisses its puppy to help them feel loved. This behavior continues when the animal becomes a mother. Shadow took great care of the goat, and she would also bathe her at all times.


Shadow had her own pups before meeting the gentle goat, but after caring for them, she was sterile. Shadow’s family believes he chose to care for the goat because he missed his own children.

Take a look at this lovely video:


The sweet dog’s maternal instincts extend beyond just looking after a baby goat. Shadow also takes care of the family’s other dog, who is the youngest member of the family.

The family in Iowa was very confident that Shadow and their baby goat would get along well. The dog also seemed to enjoy the goat’s caresses.

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