A German Shepherd Was Dumped On The Side Of The Road All Alone In His Cage

When Richard Jordan was driving through Louisiana, United States, he came across a guacal, which piqued his interest. Upon reaching the area, he noticed a lonely German Shepherd dog on the side of the road. Although he had no idea how this animal got there, he was certain that it needed help.


He decided to share his experience with the German Shepherd dog on the SWLA Information Station, a local Facebook group. He hoped that the group would gather information about the animal’s case.

Richard initially stated that the dog was either on the tracks or had been involved in an accident. He then clarified that it was unclear whether the animal was dropped from a car or if it was abandoned.

The German Shepherd dog was initially scared of people and was refusing to leave its cage. Richard waited for social services to arrive to take the animal in.

Richard regarded the German Shepherd as a “lovely and first-rate dog,” noting that it did not appear to be an animal that people would leave. When he came near the dog, he noticed that he was wearing a necklace with the name “Borel” engraved on it.


Upon reaching the scene, social workers discovered that Borel had a microchip. It was later revealed that the animal came from a facility in Texas.

According to Richard, Borel has a large list of potential adopters. He believes that the German Shepherd was intentionally bred to be a fashion breed. It’s not clear how the animal got here, but Jordan believes it was a victim of this type of breeding.


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