A German Shepherd Shuts Down A Busy Highway In Massachusetts

Being afraid that your pet might get lost in a dangerous situation is a frightening thought for most dog lovers. However, it can also be a hope that an officer would step in and save our beloved canine.

In Massachusetts, a German shepherd named Lexi got lost. She somehow ended up getting on the wrong side of an interstate highway.

Fortunately, the police officers were able to reach the scene before the dog got hit. They tried to scare the animal off the road, but it didn’t work. The German shepherd then panicked and ran back into the traffic.

So, three agencies – the Massachusetts State Police, Muthuen Police Department, and Massachusetts Department of Transportation quickly came up with a plan to help rescue to scared dog.

Source: METHUEN POLICE – The Dodo

They decided to shut down the interstate to prevent the dog from getting hit by cars. They then figured out a way to get the dog to come towards them.

Lexi was very hungry when she saw the bag of treats that state trooper Malachy Higgins had in his car. After seeing the bag, the dog jumped into the cruiser and knocked over the officer’s coffee and even activated the siren.

Despite the various factors that affected her situation, the dog was still able to be rescued. She was then reunited with her owner located in Methuen.

“I’m a dog owner myself, so I know how it would feel if my dog was lost,” Higgins told the Boston Herald, adding that when he spotted the dog, he thought of his own 5-year-old Australian shepherd, Teddy.” said, Trooper Higgins.

The actions of the law enforcers saved Lexi and brought her back home safe and sound. We would like to extend our thanks to all of them.

Source: / The Dodo

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